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To Obey or Not to Obey, part 3
“Be a Witness”
1 Kings 10: 1-8

I. Live so that all of life will testify to your relationship with the Lord.
II. Your life should create a desire that draws others to you
III. Your witness intensifies when your words and lifestyle are consistent.
IV. Your witness is designed to lead others to God.

For further reflection and study:
Take Action!
1. What is the Spirit prompting you to do as a result of this message?
2. Are you afraid to tell others about your relationship with the Lord? If so, why or why not?
3. How have you given God glory for the success and achievements in our life?
4. What have you done practically in making God’s name famous through your work and life?
5. Who do you need to share this message with this week?

Additional Scriptures
Deut 8: 18 1 Kings 8: 41:43, Matthew 12:42, Matthew 5:16