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Prayers of the Bible
“Moses’ Prayer” Part 1
Exodus 33: 12-23
Pastor Artie M. Lindsay Sr.
July 15, 2018

1. Pray boldly based on God’s word.

2. Pray for God’s leading presence in your life.

3. Pray greater understanding of the beauty and the glory of God.

For further study and reflection:
Take Action!
1. What is the Spirit prompting you to do as a result of hearing this message?
2. How might you pray differently after hearing Moses’ prayer?
3. What would you say is the source of your importance and significance?
4. Who do you need to share this message with today?

Additional Scriptures
Exodus 33: 1-3, 34:6-7, John 1:14, 2 Corinthians 3:18, 1 John 1:1-3, 1 Peter 3:12