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The Prodigal God, Part 2
“The Journey Back Home” Luke 15: 11-20. Present by Steven Jones, Church Planting Ministry Resident

1. The prodigal always leaves his FATHER, because he has been DECEIVED into pursuing what he feels he DESERVES.

2. God uses the consequences of our SIN, to call us to REPENT and COME HOME.

3. There is a PRODIGAL disposition in all of us.

4. Whether you have never known Him, or merely walked away, your Father in Heaven has spared NOTHING to see you RETURN.

Follow up questions:
1) Have you run from God after your own ideas?
2) Look at your calendar, have you neglected the will of God for your life to pursue your own ambitions?
3) Do those closest to you see you regularly showing the Father’s love?
4) Are your action a signpost of the Father’s desire for His children?
5) Between you and God: Lord, are you calling me to share this with anyone this week?
6) Between you and God: Lord Jesus, how are you calling me to obey what I heard this week?