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Understanding Your Calling, Part 2
“The Perfect Error”
Genesis 45: 1-8
Clarence Stamps, II

I. designation of a call is to you, but the benefits are for others.
II. A calling is a divine appointment by God.
III. The hand of God provides power to fulfill the call.
IV. Your calling should seek to accomplish the plan and purpose of the father.

Take Action!
1. What is the Spirit prompting you to do as a result of this message?
2. Who does your call benefit? Are you reaching everyone God desires for your call?
3. If you don’t know your call, spend part of your DTWG (Daily Time With God) in prayer about it.
4. Trust the process towards your calling. What seems as an error/mistake and not understandable may be pushing you towards your calling.

Additional Scriptures
Gen 39: 1-4; Gen 39: 20-23; Gen 41: 37-40; John 15: 4-5