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The Prodigal God: The Unsparing Extravagant Grace of God
Part I: “We Welcome Sinners”

Kevin Heyne

1. Jesus wants us to accept those we’d normally reject.

2. Jesus accepts sinners but doesn’t affirm their sin.

3. Jesus is calling us to emerge from our Christian cocoon.

4. The primary way God brings people to him is through us.

5. Jesus is calling us to make it a priority to build relationships with those who don’t know him.

For further study and reflection:
1. Who would the “sinners” and “tax collectors” of our day be?
2. How do you demonstrate acceptance towards someone in a sinful lifestyle without encouraging them in their sin?
3. Can you build a relationship with a non-believer without compromising your faith? Explain.
4. If we don’t reach out to people who don’t know Jesus, how will they come to know him?
5. Is building a relationship with someone who doesn’t know Jesus a priority for you?
6. How has this message challenged you? What would you like to do about it?